HessLite MAC Mortars are designed for construction bonding and grouting/pointing applications. Four product variations are available in the HessLite MAC Mortar product class.

HessLiteTM MACTM Mortar TypeS

Property Specifications: ASTM C270

HessLite MAC Type•S Mortar is a lightweight, high-strength masonry mortar. An ideal complimentary performance mortar for lightweight CMU products. Contains a blend of Portland Cement, graded lightweight aggregate, hydrated lime, and proprietary additives. Meets the property specifications of ASTM C270.

HessLiteTM MACTM Mortar TypeS IWR

Property Specifications: ASTM C270

HessLite MAC Type•S Mortar IWR is a lightweight, high-strength masonry mortar formulated with additional water repellent and efflorescence reducing additives.

HessLiteTM MACTM Mortar TypeN

Property Specifications: ASTM C270

HessLite MAC Mortar Type•N is for non-structural construction or repair of block, brick, stone.

USES: HessLite MAC Masonry Mortars are designed for installing block, brick, stone, pavers (with pedestrian or light vehicle traffic), and similar masonry units.

DATA SHEET: HessLite MAC Mortars (Type S and N) • (PDF)

HessLiteTM MACTM Pointing Mortar

Property Specifications: ASTM C270

HessLite MAC Pointing Mortar is a lightweight pointing mortar for grouting applications with joints GREATER than 3/8".

HessLite MAC Pointing Mortars have excellent flow through a grout bag. These pointing mortars include efflorescence reducing additives and provide great bond strengths, low shrinkage, and excellent workability. Contain a blend of Portland Cement, graded lightweight aggregate, hydrated lime, and proprietary additives—an ideal complimentary performance mortar for lightweight masonry products. Meets the property specifications of ASTM C270.

HessLiteTM MACTM Fine Pointing Mortar

Property Specifications: ASTM C270

HessLite MAC Fine Pointing Mortar is an extra-lightweight, fine-aggregate pointing mortar for grouting applications with joints LESS than 1/2".

USES: HessLite MAC Pointing Mortars are formulated for grouting natural stone, manufactured stone, and thin-brick veneers. HessLite MAC Pointing Mortars can also be used to repair and repoint grout joints in block and brick. Available in a variety of colors to meet individual job requirements.

DATA SHEET: HessLite MAC Pointing Mortars (standard and fine) • (PDF)



Advantages. HessLite MAC Mortars have the following advantages:
• Lightweight for easy handling and reduced structural loading.
• High bond and compressive strengths.
• Excellent workability and board life.
• Low shrinkage, high water retention.
• Crack-resistant.
• Pre-blended color and uniformity.
• Includes efflorescence-reducing additives.

Colors. Hesslite MAC Mortars may be ordered in standard colors and special order colors. The efflorescence control and water repellent properties help the long term appearance of colored mortar. For color consistency use the same water and tooling techniques. Color can vary dramatically. Test installation techniques prior to application.

Packaging. HessLite MAC Mortars are available in moisture-resistant bags. The Type-S Mortars come in 55 lb. bags; Pointing Mortar comes in a 50 lb. bag.

Coverage. One 55 lb. bag will yield approximately 0.62 cu.ft. Coverage will vary due to application thickness and waste.

Shelf Life. When stored in a cool dry area, with low humidity, shelf life is approximately six months to one year.

Efflorescence. HessLite MAC Mortars have proven to reduce efflorescence, however, due to variables beyond our control, we cannot guarantee efflorescence will not occur.

Suitable Substrates. See INSTALLATION; Substrates.

Limitations. Please note and abide by the following limitations:
• Do not apply when temperatures are below 40° F prior to cure;
• Do not add any admixtures without prior consent;
• Follow ANSI and ASTM guidelines for installation in high heat, cold or wind;
• Color may change due to differing water content, weather, absorption, and tooling techniques;
• Do not over mix (3-5 min), as high air content will lower strength;
• Substrate must be sound—any cracks or excessive movement may telegraph through mortar or cause bond failure;
• Proper design and application procedures must be followed.

Technical Data

HessLite MAC Construction and Pointing Mortars meet the property specifications of ASTM C270 Type-S (>1800 psi). The mortar consists of Portland Cement (ASTM C150), Type-S Lime (ASTM C207), R-Mortar Aid, J-4 R-Repel Aid integral water repellent, and graded lightweight aggregate. Compressive strength specimen must be air cured per ANSI 118.1 due to the high water retention and water repellency.


Substrates All substrates must be clean and free from any dirt, oil, paint, bond breakers or any substances which may hinder bond. The substrate must be structurally sound and conform to good engineering practices—meeting building code requirements. Movement in the substrate can cause cracking in the finished mortar and bond failure. All expansion or movement joints shall be brought through the mortar to the surface.

Mix Instructions. Proper mixing is critical for performance and workability.

1 • Start with six (6) quarts of clean water, add entire bag of MAC Pointing Mortar and mix at LOW SPEED for 3 – 5 minutes. DO NOT OVER MIX! Mixing should be done carefully to minimize air entrainment, as high air content will reduce performance.

2 • Allow to slake for 7 to 10 minutes. (Lightweight aggregate will continue to absorb water.) Gently re-mix and adjust consistency with additional water if necessary.

Application. Use a trowel or grout bag to place pointing mortar. Allow placed mortar to become thumbprint-hard before pressing into joint and finishing joint with a trowel, rake, brush, or jointing tool as desired. Follow IBC, CBC, ASTM and local building codes for installation and curing requirements.

Pre-Construction. Job site mock up is important for color verification and finish quality.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the user to insure the mortar is suitable for the intended application, that the substrate is properly prepared and application is performed correctly.


The technical information and usage statements are based on our best knowledge. The contents of this site are presented for informational purposes only and do not constitute responsibility for their use. The manufacturer will replace only that material which is proven defective due to quality of the components or the manufacturing process.


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Prolonged exposure to dust may cause delayed lung disease. Eliminate exposure to dust. Use NIOSH approved mask for silica dust. Freshly mixed materials may cause skin irritation. Avoid direct contact where possible and wash exposed skin areas promptly. If any cementitious materials get into the eyes, rinse immediately and repeatedly with water and get prompt medical attention.

Notice: Testing for crystalline silica (airborne particles of respirable size) has shown no measurable rates of Crystalline Silica (Si02) to be present in HessLite MAC Mortars.

Warning: Products containing crystalline silica (airborne particles of respirable size) is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.p65Warnings.ca.gov

DATA SHEET: HessLite Safety Data Sheet (SDS)(PDF)

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laying block grouting manufactured stone veneer with MAC pointing mortar grouting the joints in a natural stone-paved walkway



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